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Sailboat models


America’s Cup Sailboats

Luna Rossa – Sailboat

From: 79149

Luna Rossa wooden model ship for sale from € 79, hand-assembled, cotton sails, fast shipping.


America’s Cup Sailboats

Half Hulls America’s Cup

From: 88128

Sizes: cm 60 x 1 x h. 20 cm 84 x 1.5 x h. 28


America’s Cup Sailboats

Ranger yacht model

From: 128168

Ranger was a yacht racing in the 1937 America's Cup.


Nautical Style Furniture

Sailboat wooden model

46 42

Sailboat wooden model completely handmade and painted. The sails are made of cotton.


America’s Cup Sailboats

Endeavour racing yacht

From: 128168

Endeavour is a racing yacht built for the 1934 America's Cup.


America’s Cup Sailboats

Pen Duick model ship

From: 128168

The Pen Duick yachts are ocean racing ships from the 1960s and 1970s.


Antique Ships

Viking ship model

210 189

Viking ships (called Drakkar) were marine model ships of unique structure.


Galleons and Sailing Ships

Sailboat Atlantic

From: 188248

The Atlantic set the record for fastest transatlantic passage for nearly 100 years.


Typical fishing boat model used in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fishing Boats

Berta fishing boat


Leudo is a sailing vessel used in the Mediterranean Sea.


America’s Cup Sailboats

Luna Rossa Catamaran model

98 88

Luna Rossa wooden model at only € 88, hand-assembled, cotton sails, fast shipping.


Fishing boat used to bluefish fishing on the Mediterranean Sea.


America’s Cup Sailboats

Sailboats: Rainbow

From: 128168

Rainbow beat Endeavour in the last four races to win the 1934 America's Cup.

Antique Ships

Felucca sailing boat


Traditional wooden sailing boat used along the Nile.


Marivent fishing model, typical of the North Sea.

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